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[UPDATE WITH CONFIRMATION FROM MBC] EXO Showtime Instagram, Official or Fake?

yupp, i'm sure most of you are very excited when saw exoshowtime post a phto that says uri galaxy leader will anwer our questions. me too. i hope he will read my question so i wrote some comments there. but........ suddenly i saw a tweet that say exoshowtime's ig is FAKE. "Really? But he post a photo of kris's shoes there." i feel confused and dunno which right -_- but if that account is really fake, i really feel like a dumb. i spent my time to wait and see a comment for a fake account. but, i just keep positive so i believe that is official account.
After that, there are more and more comments that say it's fake acc. Though i'm sure that's official, but i think that's fake too then. Why? 

(credit: @exonyeondan)

"EXO Showtime has not announced any official IG account. They say it's fake."
Hmmm, really? so i check into mbc official web and....

i just think about MBC doesn't have ig account. so, will they make an ig account for showtime? i don't think so. and then i check MBC's twitter and facebook too. they didn't say anything about IG acoount, or they will have a live anwer with kris. So, it just on that  ig account. I think MBC will announce on their facebook/twitter if they'll have a live answer with exo member.

(credit: @tarokris)

Kris's friend also comment on showtime's ig. this one of the reasons why i believe that is an official acc. but if i think again, i guess kris's friend also fooled by that fake acc, like me too ;___; 

(credit: @EXOInternation)

sment followed this account. so i check sment ig too. yup, this acc looks like an official account, but no one of SM's artist has followed this accout. so there's nothing proved is that really official account of SM or not.

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"我走了。。。 我爱你們~88
I'm gone. . . I love you ~ 88

if you see the previous photo, it says the man on the photo has a big nose, and beard. maybe it's really not kris. but what I think is about the layout. exoshowtime post this photo about on 10pm KST. it's already night right? maybe some of you will think this is kris's selca that he take at noon and he save it on his phone. but i don't think so. why? he answered the question with exoshowtime's account. so he will answered those with MBC staff's phone, won't he? kris doesn't have ig account so most likely he also doesn't have ig app on his phone (although he has, it'll simpler if he use staff's phone).
if he use staff's phone, i think he will take a selca right then. if he do so, we will see a room, or night view on the background. it is easier to take a selca than sent a selca to staff's phone right? :) 

ok. that's all just my opinion. what about you? do you think that's an official account or fake? ^^
sorry for my grammar and if you think my opinion is weird ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ
but, if exoshowtime really a fake account, i hope the owner will stop what he/she does. we are one, rite? we are exo fans :) so what do you do are really mean... you make many exostand expect too much from kris... it's same with someone who makes a fake ig account of D.O and ryeowook... really make me upset when i realized those are not their account ㅠ,ㅠ 

"A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes." -Charles Spurgeon


[UPDATE 140208]
[TRANS] Confirmation by MBC that there is no official EXO Showtime instagram account [cr: as tagged, via:douchezhang]

(credit: EXO_FANBASE)

so, it's really a fake account. let's unfollowed that acc. for the owner, please stop and never doing something like this again =_= i don't blame you, for what you did. but i just feel upset.. this is really really really mean. 

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