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All about Kei Hazuki [Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 1st Love]

TitleTokimeki Memorial Girl's Side (ときめきメモリアルGirl's Side Tokimeki Memoriaru Girl's Side)
Genre: Dating Simulation, Bishoujo Game, Otome Game, Love Simulation

Name: Hazuki Kei
Birthdate: 16th Oct 
Height/s: 178; 180; 180
Weight/s: 62; 63; 64
Blood type: A
Horoscope: Libra 
Club: None
Part-time Job: Magazine Model
Rival: None
Hobby: Napping, Jigsaw Puzzles
Course: First-rate university
Favourite: Cats, pillows
Colour: White
Fragrance: Citrus Mint
Music: Violin pieces
Seiyuu: Midorikawa Hikaru (Tamahome in Fushigi Yuugi, Heero in Gundam Wing,
Rukawa Kaede in Slam Dunk, Seto Kaiba in YugiOh)
Neutral and above: Hazuki-kun, Hazuki, Kei-kun, Hazuki-san
:) and above: Kei, Kei-chan
:D and above: Kei-tama, Kei-pon

** Never call him Oujisama <3

What he calls you
Neutral and below: Last name
Smiling and up: First name 


Kei's the princely main character of this game, and a bishounen to boot. He
seems indifferent and a little cold  at first, but warms up quickly to become
one of the sweetest guys in the game. The "perfect guy" in this game, Kei's
 got the looks, attitude, and the grades to prove it. He shares a mysterious
past with the heroine as well, which turns out to be pretty romantic :3

Definitely a guy you'll want to pursue in this game.

Ending 1
~ Date him more than 10 times
~ Tokimeki state
~ Required parameters: Intelligence 150, Arts 150, Fitness 150, Style 150,
Social 100, Charm 100

Ending 2
~ Must be Best Friends
~ Reject the first guy at the chapel, and get his ending.

Ending 3
~ Must be Best Friends
~ Love points must be higher than friendship points (on panel)
~ When faced with the option of going to the chapel or to the beach, choose

Skinship with Kei is a little more tedious at first. If you poke him to much on
dates, the hearts tend to go down :(

When he's at neutral, poke at his arms/torso for more love points.

When he's at :), poke at arms/torso/neck/hair.

When you get to :D and above, anywhere is fine.

Pure, then Sporty. He hates Sexy.

Swimsuit: Pure
Accessory: Barettes

You meet Kei by default (he is the main character, after all) in front of the
Habataki chapel, where he offers you a hand after you stumble :)

Get a job at Coffee House ALUCARD. Kei will model in the background while you
 serve drinks when he's at :) and above.

Rank high in the exams and Kei will occasionally compliment you. I say
"occasionally" because he tends to take naps during the tests and get "0" in
that subject. Cue unnecessary scene where you ask him why he got a zero!!!
Bah. He should be asking/marvelling at your perfect score :<

Date him at places he likes, such as the Zoo and Planetarium.

Accept his dates when he asks you out (should happen at :D and above). Extend
them when prompted, and you'll eventually get his "almost confession" in the
rain. Sweet. :)

Always make him great Valentine chocolate and get him birthday presents.

Avoid getting bombs.

Since Kei's parameters might be a little challenging to fulfill, I recommend
following your horoscope for most of the game for a higher success rate.

He loves
- Planetarium
- Forest Park (Sakura Viewing, Summer)
- Seaside Park (Walkway)
- Fireworks Festival
- Habataki Mountain (Momiji)
- Amusement Park (Night parade)
- Zoo (Normal, Lions)

He hates
- Shopping District
- Cinema (Princess in Danger, Saraba Singing Princess, Girl of the Green Grass)
- Bowling Alley (Table Tennis)
- Park entrance (shopping)
- Event Hall (KCH Symphony Orchestra)
- Amusement Park (Merry Go Round)

~ I had a good time (raises a bit of friendship)
~ You're an interesting one. See you (raises moderate friendship)
~ You're a little too upbeat sometimes, but I had fun anyway (a bit of
friendship and a little love)
~ I really had fun today. It feels kind of unnatural now that you're not by
my side (raises moderate friendship and moderate love)

1. Need a Hand?
Date: Entrance ceremony.
Conditions: Automatic
Affection: -
What happens: Kei helps the heroine stand when she takes a fall after trying
to open the chapel doors.
Skinship: Once.

2. On the Phone with Family
Date: Occurs during the School Culture Festival
Conditions: Automatic
Affection: -
What happens: The heroine finds Kei on the roof, talking to his family via
cell phone.
Skinship: Once.

3,4. Playing with Cats
Date: School day
Conditions: Occurs on a day you don't have work
Affection: :D and above
What happens: Kei names a cat after the heroine, which is pretty sweet. He
then runs away to buy milk when the heroine discovers him. 2 versions
available - summer and winter uniform.
Skinship: Thrice.

5, 6. At the Café
Date: -
Conditions: Invite him to a café after school
Affection: -
What happens: You get to chat with him from a selection of 3 topics. 2
versions available – Summer and Winter
Skinship: Nope.

7. School Play
Date: 3rd year, Last day of School Culture Festival
Conditions: Don't skip practices for the school culture festival.
Affection: :) and above
What happens: The heroine stars beside Kei-tama in Cinderella. Kei gets too
caught up in the scene and ends up getting his lines wrong.
Skinship: Once.

8. The Rival Appears
Date: 2nd year May onwards, Spring
Conditions: Date at the bowling alley
Affection: :) and above
What happens: The billiards session gets interrupted by Kei's jealous rival,
who's a model too.
Skinship: Twice.

9. Suffocating Thoughts
Date: Fireworks Festival in Summer
Conditions: Date at the fireworks festival
Affection: :D and above
What happens: Kei and the heroine admire the fireworks together.
Skinship: Twice.

10. KAIWARE mogumogu
Date: Autumn
Conditions: Date at the forest park
Affection: :) and above
What happens: The heroine makes a bento for a rather finicky Kei.
Skinship: Once.

11. Happenings in the Ferris Wheel
Date: 2nd Year January onwards, Winter
Conditions: Date at the Seaside Park
Affection: :D and above
What happens: The ferris wheel stops while Kei and the heroine are on it.
Kei tells a story about his younger days, and a storybook that changed
his life... only to get interrupted by the wheel moving again :o
Skinship: Twice.

12. Helping out at the Flea Market
Date: August
Conditions: Go to the Flea Market alone
Affection: -
What happens: The heroine spots Kei selling his wares at the Flea Market,
and decides to help him out by drawing more customers.
Skinship: Once.

13. Close to You
Date: Spring (No Sakura Viewing)
Conditions: Date at the Forest Park
Affection: :) and above
What happens: Some rabid Kei fangirls spot him, and he pushes the heroine
into the grass to take cover.
Skinship: Four times (whoa!)

14. Tree by the Seaside in the Moonlight
Date: Christmas Party, 3rd year
Conditions: Automatic
Affection: :D and above
What happens: Kei whisks the heroine away for a spectacular view of a
Christmas Tree on the Ferris wheel. Turns out it was all part of his
elaborate plan for a romantic night with the heroine. Aww~
Skinship: Twice at the beginning, then twice more near the end (when the
fairy lights turn on)

15. Modeling with Hazuki-kun!? (DS EXCLUSIVE)
Date: On a day you have work.
Conditions: Work at ALUCARD, raise Charm parameter to 120.
Affection: :D and above
What happens: The female model who was supposed to work didn't turn up, so
the photographer pulls the heroine in as her replacement. Cue prettiest
cutscene with Kei embracing the heroine! -dies-
Skinship: Twice.

16,17. Confession
Date: Graduation
Conditions: Fulfill confession requirements
Affection: Tokimeki
What happens: Kei-tama finally confesses.
Skinship: Touch his lips when given the option of accepting/rejecting his
confession to get CG 16, and get CG 17 by accepting his affection but not
touching his lips [thanks, JewelChan!]

18. A Promise of Forever
Date: Graduation
Conditions: Fulfill confession requirements
Affection: Tokimeki
What happens: Kei puts a clover ring on the heroine's finger in the form of
an everlasting promise.
Skinship: None.

19. Promise at the Chapel
Date: Graduation
Conditions: Touch his lips
Affection: Tokimeki
What happens: Pretty, animated sequence of Kei and the heroine kissing in
the chapel.
Skinship: None.

20. Memories at the Beach
Date: Graduation
Conditions: Get his "Best Friend" ending
Affection: Best Friend.
What happens: Kei and the heroine end up together at the beach...
Skinship: None. 

Year 1 – Cat Jigsaw Puzzle (1R)
Year 2 – Cat Ear Pillow (1R)
Year 3 – Silver Glass Accessory (3R)

10 Rich – Glass Accessory (5th)

Kei gives you a Moonstone Pendant on your birthday. Pretty!

Tidbits: Kei aspires to be a jewellry designer.

Cr: gamefaqs
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