Sunday, 19 February 2012

[UPDATED] [SHOCKING PHOTOS] Ulzzang Before and After (Make Up & Plastic Surgery & PS)


How do you think?? Are these photos make you shock?? ^^
it's really different when they already use make up or get plastic surgery and when they not yet do that

Check Part 2 here

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8 komentar:

  1. well they do what other people do..but better.i think ulzzang should be judge on natural beauty

  2. banyak yang cuma di edit tuh

  3. lol i found 2 photos that actually not because surgery........hell no, yuri and jessica from girls generation never done any surgery

  4. Oh everyone, let's all thank god for plastic surgery,makeup,and photoshop.With these tools ugly,UGLY women can also become queens. :)
    ~ Uemura Misaki from Japan

  5. I think they do not deserve the ulzzang title.I think ulzzang should be based on natural beauty,not makeup,photoshop or ps

  6. Excuse me but jessica and yuri DID HAVE SURGER. All the girls generations girls did go through surgery. All kpop artist goes throught it.

  7. Not all k-pop artists do surgery. I know in SNSD Tiffany did surgery but Taeyeon and Sunny didn't. I dont kniw about the rest tho.


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