Sunday, 26 February 2012

Experts rank girl group members with the best vocal talent

A recent ranking of the girl group members with the best vocal talent has become a hot topic.
On an online community board, a post titled, “Ranking of girl group idols with the best vocal talent” was shared. The topic received attention because it was claimed that three professional experts in the music field personally participated in ranking the female idols with the best vocal talent.
The released report was done in a systematic format with detailed scoring and a variety of aspects were taken into account.
The ranking was based on television and radio appearances, stage presence such as ability to express the lyrics, pitch, voice stability, breathing, and groove.
SISTAR‘s Hyorin grabbed the number one spot with a total of 380 points, Davichi‘s Lee Hae Riranked 2nd, and Brown Eyed Girls‘ Jea came in 3rd.
In addition, IU (although not a girl group member) came in 4th followed by Girls’ Generation leaderTaeyeon who came in at 5th.
The ranking wasn’t only based on their vocal talent, but also those that could best express the music in their own style and also the style within their respective groups.
After seeing the ranking, netizens commented, “I somewhat agree with this ranking“, and “It seems like a very detailed systematic analysis.”
Do you agree with the ranking? If not, how would your top 5 have looked?
Source & Image: TVDaily via Nate+allkpop

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