Thursday, 12 January 2012

[Golden Disk Award] CN Blue Winning Speech

“Last year was a meaningful year to us. We appreciate our management company FNC and staffs. Parents and family of our four members, ‘BOICE’ who always protect us, I love you from my heart. We were sad because of the earthquake in Japan last year. I will keep praying for you not to lose your hope.”
지난해는 우리에게도 뜻깊은 한 해였다. 소속사 FNC 식구들 및 스태프들에게 감사하다. 네 명의 부모님과 가족 여러분, 항상 우리를 지켜주는 ‘보이스’ 진심으로 사랑한다. 지난해 일본에 지진 피해로 안타까웠다. 희망을 잃지 않도록 기도하겠다.

Tomorrow, 2nd day of GDA, CNBLUE will perform rock numbers, In my head + more
cr @saturnkr+cnbjonghyun

CNBLUE and their Golden Disk Award trophies
  • Disk Bonsang
  • Digital Bonsang
  • Kodansha ViVi Award
  • Asian Best Group Award

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