Wednesday, 28 December 2011

[Video|Trans] 111228 CNBLUE- Mezamashi TV

Just arrived,4 men Korean rock band , CNBLUE’s 2nd single song “Where You Are” promotional video.

This MV was filmed with 4 members surrounded by mirror, with camera that rotates 360 degrees.
It is “wandering” image.

[MV making]
YongHwa: Now at 7:00 morning.
JungShin: I’ll do my best.(ganbari masu!)

(MC): They were struggling in front of the mirror all night.
Please tell us memories of this year.

YongHwa: During summer we could play at Mezamashi live stage.
We feel thankful for MezamashiTV-san for inviting us, regardless we were still indies band.

(MC): Yes,they appeared MezamashiTV on August, before japan major debut.
after that they kept doing very active live perform  in Japan.

YongHwa : On 2012,we wanna do live perform more often rather than this year.
JongHyun: We wanna be excited with everyone at our live,we think!(laugh)
Translation by @ketchburning
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