Monday, 19 September 2011

Haduri Tutorial

Haduri is a webcam program. Many ulzzang use this application to take their photos and edit them. 

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

after finished download, double click on software which already downloaded to install Haduri. Just click next, accept, and finish.

Step 5

After the installation finished, click haduri icon on dekstop, and click on the button like the picture above, and haduri will opened.

Step 6

There are some buttons on initial view
1. To starting take photo. this is the view if you click start to take photo

  1. To take photo
  2. To open file
  3. To take picture on the screen (dekstop)
  4. Brightness
  5. Contrast
  6. Smooth/Blur
  7. To show current date
  8. To undo all changes/edit
  9. Save photo to PC
  10. Get any number registration
  11. Transfer photo to mobile phone

2. To make gif
3. To record video
4. To transfer photo to mobile phone

I will update this post later
Credit: yanawookie
Please take out with full credit

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  1. does not work :'( , After "HADURI Auto Updater" says something like this :"'C:\Program Files\HaduriPhoto4.exe'(and symbols after that)" lol, help? :(


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