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[Profie] 2NE1

The group was first mentioned by the press in late 2008, when rumours were spreading that YG was creating a female version of Big Bang named Sista. In response to those rumours, YG Entertainment President Yang Hyun Suk stated that the name was not chosen yet. In January 2009, it was announced that the “Female Big Bang” would debut around July 2009 with three members — CL, Minzy, and Bom.

Later that month, YG stated that Sandara Park joined the group, with one more member to follow. In the end, YG Entertainment announced that the group would consist of four members and debut sometime in May 2009.The company stated that the group had trained for 4 years, and that their debut album would contain songs produced by Teddy Park.
The group’s name was initially announced as “21″; however, due to the discovery of a singer with the same name, the group was quickly renamed “2NE1″, which stands for “New Evolution of the 21st Century” (“NE” meaning “New Evolution” and “21” standing for the “21st Century”).

2NE1′s Park Bom revealed that the group was originally planned by YG Entertainment to be a 3-member group with Park, Koo Hye Sun, and Sandara Park.

1. CL

Real name: Lee Chae Rin
English name: Chae Lee, Faith Lee
Position: Leader, rapper, vocal
DOB: 26 February 1990
Blood Type: A 
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Religion: Catholic 
Height: 162cm
Specialties: Fluent in France, English and Japanese, rapper, singing, dancing
Featuring: Big Bang’s 2nd Mini-Album (Hot Issue) - Intro Hot Issue
                   - Uhm Jung Hwa’s 1st Mini-Album (D.I.S.C.O) DJ
                   - Big Bang’s 3rd Mini-Album (Stand Up) A Good Man
                   - YMGA’s Mini Album (Made in R.O.K) for What

2. Bom

Real name: Lee Park Bom
English name: Jenny Park
Position: Main vocal, dancer
DOB: 24 March 1984
Blood type: AB
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Religion: Christian
Height: 165cm
Specialties: English, Japanese, piano, flute, cello, dancing, singing
Feature: - Big Bang’s 1st Single (We Belong Together) We Belong Together single & MV
                - Big Bang’s 3rd Single (Forever With You) Forever With You single & MV
                - Samsung Anycall’s Anystar MV with Lee Hyori &Lee Junki
                - Lexy’s 3rd Album (Rush) Baby Boy
                - Red Roc’s 1st Single (Hello) Track 03
                - Kim Ji Eun’s Tell Me Once More MV
                - Big Bang’s 2nd Japanese Mini-Album (With U) We Belong Together (English                

3. Dara

Real name: Sandara Park
DOB: 12 November 1984
Blood type: A
Birthplace: Busan, South Korea
Height: 162cm
Position: vocal, dancer
Specialties: Acting, Tagalog, English, Japanese
Feature: Reality - Star Circle Quest Contestant
                Reality - SCQ Reload
                TV Show - Ok Ako
                TV Show - Sandara's Romance
                TV Show - ASAP Fanatic
                Soap Opera - Krystala
                Self-titled album - 60,000 copies sold
                Movie - Bcuz of U
                Movie - Can this be Love
                Movie - Super Noypi

4. Minji

Real name: Gong Min Ji
DOB: 18 January 1994
Blood type: O
Religion: Christian
Height: 161cm
Position: Rapper, vocal, lead dancer
Specialties: Rapping, singing, dancing, English, Japanese

- Asia Song Festival: Asian New Comers Award
- Cyworld Digital Music Awards: Song of The Month-April-(Lollipop)
- Cyworld Digital Music Awards: Rookie of The Month-May-
- Cyworld Digital Music Awards: Song of The Month-May-(Fire)
-Cyworld Digital Music Awards: Song of The Month-July-(I Don't Care)
- Cyworld Digital Music Awards: Top Selling Artist
- Cyworld Digital Music Awards: Best Rookie Group
- Cyworld Digital Music Awards: Bonsang Award
- Cyworld Digital Music Awards: Best Song(I Don't Care)
- Mnet 20's Choice: Hot New Star
- Mnet 20's Choice: Hot Online Song(Fire)
- Mnet 20's Choice: Hot CF Stars(Lollipop)
-Melon Music Awards: New Artist
-Melon Music Awards: Top 10
-Mnet Asian Music Awards: Best New Female Artist
-Mnet Asian Music Awards: Music Portal Award
-Mnet Asian Music Awards: Song of The Year(I Don't Care)
-Mnet Asian Music Awards: Best Music Video(Fire)
-Rhythmer Awards: R&B Artist of The Year
-Rhythmer Awards: Rookie of The Year
-Style Icon Awards: Best Female Singer

-Cyworld Digital Music Awards: Song of The Month-September-(Go Away)
-Melon Music Awards: Album of The Year
-Mnet Asian Music Awards: Best Music Awards(Can't Nobody)
-Style Icon Awards: Best Female Singer

-Korean Music Awards: Best Dance & Electronic Album
-MTV Daum Music Fest: Artist of The Year
-MYX Music Awards: Favourite Kpop Video Award


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