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Korean national brands ‘Samsung, Hyundai –> Suju, Kara’ BBC attention to Korean Wave effect

Korean national brands ‘Samsung, Hyundai –> Suju, Kara’ BBC attention to Korean Wave effect
British BBC complemented The Korean Wave and evaluated that the Korean Wave will replace Samsung as the next national brand.
On April 26, BBC’s Lucy Williamson’s report as she came to Korea was that the Korean Wave is very powerful and starting to expand past Asia and to Europe and America.
The report said “In Europe and America there are young Korean Wave funs. Therefore, Korea is not known for its cars or semiconductors, but for its music and drama.”
She also explained that Kara and Super Junior etc, who are leading k-pop, is spreading their names not just all over Asia, and these people are the Korean Wave itselves, creating a cultural phenomenon.
BBC also said that thanks to the Korean Wave, number of tourists doubled from 2009 to 34 000 people just last year. BBC also refered to the economical values that increased due to the increase of number of tourists.
Especially, BBC analysized that in the past couple decades, the reason of success of Korea’s economy was due to the central “Big Cahebol” business culture, and confirms that Samsung, Hyundai and many other are leading Korea’s economy, but Korea’s nation brand is being replaced to Korean Wave.
However, BBC critized that many artists do not get treated well enough. (Cut out some things). Also, Korean Artists get 20 wons (about 2 American cents) per song downloaded, and critized that the songs were not accounted for its value.
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