Monday, 25 April 2011

CNBLUE members reveal their graduation pictures

Ever wondered if the dashing boys of CNBLUE always enjoyed good looks? Well a recent broadcast of MBC’s “Section TV” revealed the members’ individual graduation photos, which proved that the boys were ladykillers even back in the day.
Capturing their unique personalities, the pictures varied from one other. One member looked as though he just woke up and took the picture, whereas another member smiled brightly for the camera. For Jung Yong Hwa’s picture, everyone agreed that he looks like a ’son from a wealthy family’.
This broadcast also revealed pictures from their debut days. There wasn’t a big difference between now and back then, however, everyone noticed that the members all stared straight into the lens, as if they were going to drill a hole through the camera.
Check out their interview here!

Source + Picture: Newsen via Yahoo! Korea
Credit: allkpop

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