Sunday, 5 September 2010

Obscene lyrics in SNSD ’s “Gee”?

A video of a man
claiming that he can
hear obscene
messages when
popular girl group
SNSD’s “Gee” is
played backwards
has become highly
On the 4th, a famous
community site
uploaded a video of
the song with the
title “Gee
Masking ” on
Youtube. The video
features a lecture
on Christianity titled
“ The Truth of the
Media“ by someone
who appears to be a
The man plays the
song with
backwards, slowing
it down by 80% and
with captions
outlining the
obscene message in
He explains, “When
this song first came
out, I thought that it
was a good song
and listened to it
many times.
However, I soon
found the reason
why when I flipped
the song over. It
was the obscenity in
me that responded
to the song. SNSD, of
course, does not
know this. The
composer that
produced this song
did this purposely. ”
He then moved on to
Son Dambi’s song,
stating, “Son Dambi
is Christian but her
song is produced by
Brave Brothers.
When you backward
mask Son Dambi ’s
song, the lyrics
become so dirty that
I cannot even bear
mouthing them.
It ’s disgusting, but
she doesn’t
The speaker
concluded with, “All
media contents are
the results of
inspiration, which is
why we react to
them even if we
don ’t
Netizens that came
across the video left
comments such as,
“ I have no idea
what he’s talking
about. That person
just thinks about
those kinds of nasty
things all day, ” and
“Of course it
sounds weird when
you play a song
backwards. He ’s
just forcefully trying
to fit things in
where they don ’t
Source: Arts News
Credit : Allkpop

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