Saturday, 30 January 2010

Donghae Trivia

1. donghae resides
on the 4th storey of
a small apartment.
everyday after
school, he would
press the bell of his
neighbour's house
(1st storey) and run
away, until he got
caught once.
2. he often forget his
hat, cellphone or
similar items. he
would look high and
low for his hat, when
he alr wore it. once
he was chatting with
another member on
the phone and said; i
forgotten my phone,
i'm gonna go up and
take it.
3. he's a crybaby,
soft-hearted and
thinks alot.
4. the best place he
likes to keep his
savings in, is the
water dispenser
5. if someone tells
him he's short, he'll
definitely go online
and search for ways
to grow taller and
drinks only milk and
soy milk.
6. he'll turn into a
beast if he's on stage
preforming U. when
he had eyes contact
with the members,
they'll think that his
stares is so not
7. donghae used to
play at the public
bath house with his
friends, using the
bathhouse like a
swimming pool, thus
making all the
ahjusshis there
8. donghae who is
quite weak in health,
often loses sleep at
night. Sungmin who
lives with him would
fall asleep easily at
the count of three,
leaving donghae to
roll and flip around in
bed trying to fall
9. during the 3rd
year in elementary
school, the teacher
wrongly accused
donghae of taking
away the
attendance book &
punished him in the
teachers office.
10. If he has a
girlfriend, he'll like to
give her a tour
around his
hometown, Mokpo,
and let her know the
place he grew up in.
11. Before he
debutted, he was
afraid of taking the
aeroplane, so he
never went to any of
the 3 school trip to
Jeju Island during
high school.
12. Donghae, who is
sensitive to his
surroundings, will
not be able to fall
asleep for the whole
night if he is sleeping
elsewhere other
than home. Its
because he felt
insecure when he
does not see
anything familiar to
him in the
13. donghae left a
msg titled "ELF I
LOVE YOU" in the
fancafe and sungmin
called him and told
him he got the title
wrong. he typed
LOVE as LVOE and he
was so embarrassed.
14. when kibum first
came to korea,
donghae's the 1st
person to hug him
and welcome him.
15. when he was
small, he play games
with his friend that
needed them to be
divided in groups.
Whichever group
that he is in, will
always lose in the
game. (T_T)
16. he once promised
his father that under
any circumstances,
he will not drink
17. No matter how
much he eats, he will
not gain fat.
Whenever he feels
like he had gain a bit
of weight, he'll
exercise. And the
first place to slim
down is his face.
18. Donghae is really
afraid of Shindong's
snoring, and his loud
breathing while
sleeping scares him
too. Its almost
impossible to sleep
at night, for him.
19. He likes the
feeling of being
protected, being
cared for. & because
he'll feel lonely
easily, he never eats
alone. He needs to
have someone to eat
with him.
20. donghae dislike
pink alot.. because
opposite his bed is
sungmin's wardrobe
and it's full of pinkish
stuffs, clothes, dolls,
pillow, bags and
shoes are all pink.
21. He's not really
good at searching
things online. He
doesnt really even
know how to use
'Naver' to search.
Thus he doesn't like
going online, not to
mention shopping
online too. (-.- kinda
contradict with no.5
22. Donghae really
admires those taxi
drivers and public
transport drivers.
Not only because his
father used to be a
taxi driver, but also
because he himself
will feel tired and
aches all over after
driving for half an
hour and thus find
those people
impressive as they
can drive all day

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